12 Jun 14

Gleneagles Hotel 90th Anniversary Celebrations 6th June 2014

Alan and Norma were delighted to be invited by the prestigious Gleneagles Hotel, through the Entertainers Agency, to assist in their celebration of the 90th anniversary of the original opening of the hotel by providing a group of dancers appropriately dressed with the men in white tie and tails and the ladies in long evening gowns akin to the style of 1924 to adorn the Ballroom floor and give their specially invited VIP guests a flavour of the style, glitz and glamour of that era.

The music was provided by Laurie Holloway and his orchestra and the Scottish Amateur Ballroom Champions, Tibor Poc and Hilary Mouat,  gave a short single dance demonstration in addition to participating in the group dancing throughout the evening.

Alan and Norma were particularly pleased to be able to once again don the white tie and tails and evening gown respectively and personally join with their selected dancers on the Ballroom floor and meet again with some of the VIP guests who had attended classes provided by Alan and Norma when previously engaged by the Hotel over a few years to run classes as part of the special events organised by the Hotel during their festive period celebrations.

Alan and Norma would like to thank Tibor and Hilary, David and Heather Oswald, Brian and Nancy Christie, Eddie and Anne Cerexhe Burness, Douglas and Charis Barr and Jim and Laura Carroll for their participation on the evening and who all readily agreed on the evening to extend their involvement from a single dance display to joining in the celebrations for the full evening’s dancing and intermingling with the VIP guests.

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